Who We Are

212e33f     Tucker Spillane, 26

Tucker Spillane graduated in May 2013 from Bentley University with a degree in Finance and International Relations. Tucker is currently working as an analyst in Manhattan, New York.

154c757     Brian Cherhoniak, 23

Brian Cherhoniak graduated from University of Rhode Island in 2014. Brian is currently living and working in Manhattan, New York at a advertising firm.

380787_10150430374458878_1681940017_n      Summer Spillane, 21

Summer is a Senior at Middlebury College. She is an entrepreneur who recently started her own hair cutting business when she has time between her neuroscience classes at college. She is currently working at a data analytics startup in the field of public relations.


8 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. Thanks for following my blog! Had a quick look at yours and I like what I see. We share a similar passion of educating people, especially millenials, about personal finance. Good luck!


    1. You’re Welcome Patricia! I agree it is important to keep the millennials of our day informed about personal finance and business around us. Please feel free to agree or disagree with my work, I also appreciate all comments and advice!


  2. You should use an HD picture for the top of the website, everything else looks very professional but that ruins it. Great idea and great execution guys.


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